What works for the documentary is the costumes and the action sequences. The costume head definitely deserves to be praised. When it comes to period dramas, there is always a risk of getting the memo wrong and making some errors which makes the actors look like they are in a school play. In this series, the actors were perfectly dressed according to the era they belonged in.

Snigdha Nalini

Gorgeous costumes abound, fantasy leather armor gleaming alongside golden breastplates and ornate royal robes. The individual scenes have an undeniable wow factor.

Arash Nahandian

Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

The production has never been better! The location, costumes, extras... Everything just looked and felt amazing. From the stunning visuals to the emotional score, The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die delivers in every way imaginable.


Costumes impressionnants de véracité


The settings and costuming and practical effects are as good as ever.

Winter Is Coming

The attention to historical detail is also evident in the production design. From the costumes to the set design, the series captures the look and feel of early medieval England

The New Current

The settings, the costumes, and cinematography are as convincing as ever with a gritty, grey pall hanging over scenes of chaos, neglect and direliction...

Historia Magaxine


Costumes of great refinement, designed by Luciano Capozzi.

Il Corriere di Roma. Maria Rossaro

Il Ciclope

The composition is very original. The shades are all natural,earth colours that fade from Yellow to grenish going trough all the nuances of a forest in autumn. The element alternate themselves with the prevaiting of vertical trends, with open and irregular perimeters The rough textured surface enhances the individual tones,and while it changes,outlines also the different compositional elements…

Stefania Severi Catalougue of the first exposition “ANTEO”

Cose di casa

Beautiful costumes including hippie skirts, flaired pants and platform shoes all by Luciano Capozzi.

Il Messaggero. Rita Sala


Brings to life the richness of folk tale thanks to the gorgeous costumes

La Repubblica Gino Castaldo


Costumes nothing short of extraordinary. Each dress was studied in the smaltest detail,to the point that the work of the costume designer,Luciano Capozzi,became additional to that of the Actors for a better result of the character

Sarah Felberboun Telesette

Deus Ex Machina

Are relevant the ‘airy’ costumes of Luciano Capozzi

GENTE Gastone Geron

Il commissario Nardone

Great credit must be gives to the costumes. Luciano Capozzi has done an extraordinary job and great refinement.

Luigi Di Fiore TV Soap.IT

Il Falco e la colomba

Without the shadow of a doubt, beautiful the costumes of Luciano Capozzi

Micaela Urbano IL Messaggero

Los Borgia

Antonio hernandez. Los borgia Another great workhorse of this overproduction Will be the costumes. After an exhaustive study of frescoes and paintings of the era, the costume designer Luciano Capozzi has designed more than two hundred costumes made with the most luxurious fabrics that will dress the main actors and who will be joined by more than two thousand costumes made? Not only to show the splendor and the wealth of the nobility but also the poverty of the people of Rome.

Sumptuous images for a good historical drama. El dia de cordoba.

Carlos Colon

Magnificent visual spectacle. Tiempo. Madrid.

Los Borgia is a flamboyant epic in the tradition of great historical films of the golden age of the cinema. The magnificence of the costumes serves a plot rich with love, hate, passion, games and thirst for power. Behind the brocade and silk, private lives and history are revealed.

From the official catalog of the Festival International Cinéma & Costume de Moulins-sur-Allier 2008.

Titanic: Blood & Steel

If for the employer it’s good to have clean clothes … then these people should have these things also” jim Larkin in Titanic. Birth of a legend (italian title). Much appreciated on the Titanic. Birth of a Legend was the work of costume designer Luciano Capozzi. “Nothing looks fake” says Alessandra Mastronardi, who plays Sofia Silvestri. “All the clothes are gorgeous. The composition of colours is beautiful. It’s in harmony with everything, including the location. All my clothes are of the era: italian or english. It’s weird. You can actually feel when wearing shoes of 1912″. Upon his arrival in Serbia, the director of photography James Welland tests were carried out with Luciano, to see the way in which the clothes and the colours are reflected on the screen. “It ‘s always nice to have beautiful costumes,” says James. “One of the best aspects of the costume drama is to be able to have more fabrics with which to play. When working on a contemporary product, however, the costumes do not have the same importance they have in costume films. ” In Serbia, Luciano had to dress hundreds of extras. The costume designer was still at ease, having already worked on large productions such as The Hawk and the Dove. Luciano puts the same effort in dressing both the extras and the main actors. “When I see an extra close to an actor, the attention to details must be the same also for their clothes. Sometimes you see a great protagonist and behind him an appearance dressed terribly, this destroys the scene”. Denise Gough (Emily McCann) recalls his experience on the set in Serbia, including 100 extras: “It was a very wide scene and he was staring at the small pins on the extras. He works to these levels of precision. Luciano, for me, is a genius. I play a worker of the early ‘900. He has thought of the whole route taken by Emily in the story and chose beautiful dresses to accompany each scene. He works in great detail. “. The director Ciaran Donnelly says that one of the obstacles in the series in costume is to dress the working class in brown clothes, making everyone seem as patched dolls. In Titanic. Birth of a legend, Luciano Capozzi makes a lot of attention to the colour tones. “There are at least three tones in each costume,” says Ciaran. “When I looked at the drawings of Luciano, I noticed that there were always a couple of layers of colour, regardless of social class of the character. His attention to detail is excellent “.” Luciano is not totally a slave of the peroid: there are a couple of modern solutions here and there. I happened to see on other productions in costume how they go in the stores, take a mountain of clothes and just put them on the set. Luciano has tailor-made clothes of each extra, an extraordinary thing “. Homepage

Beautiful costumes that reconstruct the historical period.

Beatrice Campagna Cinemio

Kevin Zegers On ‘Titanic: Blood & Steel’ And His Jaunty Mustache Do you like your period wardrobe? Did it take a while to get used to wearing all those suits? Yeah. It’s different. This designer out of Italy made all the clothes, so they were all made for me. You definitely walk a little differently when you have this beautifully made Italian suit on. It’s not something I normally walk around in.

We have demonstrated our expertise with the extraordinary costumes of our Luciano Capozzi.

TV sorrisi e canzoni Alessandra Mastronardi

Encore’s Titanic: Blood and Steel: We’re Watching for the Costumes Encore’s new miniseries Titanic: Blood and Steel premieres tonight and we’ve got a sneak peek at the epic costumes worn by stars Neve Campbell, Chris Noth, Kevin Zegers, Alessandra Mastronardi, and Ophelia Lovibond. Costume designer Luciano Capozzi gave exclusive insight into the early 20th-century garb meticulously chosen for each character (read: high necklines, feathered hats, rich velvets and creamy satins). The series, set in Belfast, chronicles both historical and fictional characters whose lives are intertwined with the construction of the legendary ship. Click through the gallery and tune in tonight for the first installment at 8 p.m. EST on Encore.

A.D. The Bible Continues

The historical reconstruction is accurate in costumes as in the events.


It really did feel as if we were doing an old fashioned Hollywood movie.The great thing is as well,is when you wear a costume like Pilate wears,the costume does all the work for you really.

Vincent Regan

Paul, Apostle of Christ

If there’s a real star of Paul, Apostle of Christ, however, it’s the visual style that creates this world. A strong combination of costumes, cinematography, and set design come together to turn 21st century Malta into first century Rome in a believable and remarkably transportive, way.

Dirk Libbey

Costumes, sets, cinematography and editing are all first-rate.

Richard Roeper

Paul is a story based on one of the Holy Bible’s most iconic persons, and features beautiful set and costume designs that feel accurate to the period.

Taylor Carlson

The picture’s ambience is assisted by the Maltese locations, which add a sense of visual authenticity, and Luciano Capozzi’s costumes.

Es facìl, entrar en el ambiente de la Roma del siglo I gracias al correcto y verosìmil trabajo de Luciano Capozzi, acostumbrando al diseño de vestuario historicista.

Esther Rodriguez